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The following email address can be used to contact me. If you have a correction (typo or inconsistency in the factual information contained on this site), feel free to let me know. But please first be sure that I haven't already noted that the information is tentative or assumed (e.g. the Marauders' first year at school, Dumbledore's first year as Headmaster, Snape's first year teaching, etc.). Please cite any references you have (book chapters are best; page numbers are okay); it makes it much easier to verify the information. Simply referring to another web page which has a difference of opinion isn't likely to spur me into making any changes, especially if I've already cited that web page as a reference myself. Thanks.

Webmasters: The Harry Potter web sites I link to are ones that mainly house raw facts about the books. There are plenty of fan sites out there and I can't (and won't) link to them all. Sorry, but I'm only interested in links that contain information from the books.


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