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Harry Potter Quick Reference

Containing information for all the books up through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

This website was carved out of lists I had originally created to help organize information from the books solely for my own use. I never intended for it to get quite this large. Nor did I ever intend to put it online. :-)

With the exception of the information that's from the Harry Potter trading cards (which I don't have), and the collection of quotes by JKR (mostly from Accio Quote), all of the information listed here came directly from the books themselves (U.S. versions). This is not simply an attempt to collate facts that have been presented on other websites, though a good deal of the information will naturally be repeated. I tried putting together some new stuff that I didn't see listed elsewhere (publication dates for the books, for example), along with organizing other facts into a compact and easy to read format. I hope folks find it useful. I'm not sure how motivated I'll be to keep up with it, only time will tell as it takes a good deal of work to put together. Enjoy.

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